Rackheath Eco-Community  
Rail travel to Rackheath
Transport - a vision for the future

The Eco-Community transport philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport in preference to the car.

Rackheath Eco-Community will offer an attractive and viable choice of greener forms of transport which are faster, cheaper and more convenient than travelling by private vehicles.

Central to the service will be a new rail station for Rackheath, which will link Rackheath to Norwich city centre and other key locations. Trains from Rackheath will run regularly at peak times with the aim of a service up to every 15 minutes and half-hourly at other times.

The Eco-Community will be served by a frequent bus service linking Rackheath to Norwich city centre and other key locations. The service would operate up to every 10 minutes during peak times.

Government guidelines call for a 50 per cent reduction in single occupancy (driver only) vehicle journeys by residents of Eco-Communities. This represents a major challenge at Rackheath where research suggests the level of driver only journeys - typically to and from Norwich - is as high as 86 per cent, reflecting the rural location of the village. In order to aspire to the 50 per cent reduction target the Eco-Community will feature a range of initiatives:
  • every resident will be within 300 metres of a bus stop i.e. walking distance
  • cycleways and footways, segregated from traffic, running directly to employment and shopping areas
  • a hub built close to the rail station, providing a convenient interchange between rail, bus, cycleways and footways
  • competitive pricing, ensuring public transport is an attractive alternative to private car use
  • car club membership for all Rackheath residents, including existing homes, encouraging efficient car share schemes.

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